Sheridan Correctional Center

WestCare Illinois’ (WCIL) in-prison Modified Therapeutic Community (MTC) Program at Sheridan Correctional Center is the nationally recognized model for its exceptional quality of services. Located in a medium-security prison housing close to 2,000 adult men, the WCIL program delivers a multi-phase MTC program which addresses the needs of participants with extensive criminal histories complicated by substance use disorders.

WCIL’s program provides long-term intensive treatment services (9 to 36) months, configured to the individual need. This model program incorporates best practices, including cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Complimentary services are provided and include: family reunification, young men’s aggression management, fatherhood and recreational therapy.

2017 Statistics

  • 99% capacity or 1235/1250 possible participants
  • 86% successful discharges, compared to disciplinary discharges
  • 98% success rate Reentry Unit
  • Primary Substance of Misuse
    • 35% Marijuana
    • 31% Alcohol
    • 16% Heroin/Opioids
    • 9% Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
    • 3% Hallucinogens
    • 3% Methamphetamine
    • 2% Other
    • 1% Amphetamines