Lincoln Correctional Center

In January 2017, WestCare Illinois (WCIL) began providing Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services for men at the Lincoln Correctional Center. This in-prison Modified Therapeutic Community (MTC) Program has 50 beds. Services provided include: cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma intervention, case management, and reentry services. The majority of clients successfully complete the program in 9-11 months, although the length of the stay varies by individual. The MTC Program at Lincoln maintains a steady census at its capacity of 50 clients, with one program entry for each discharge.

Statistics From 2017

  • During the 2nd fiscal quarter
  • 100% successful discharges, 17/17 controlled discharges. No program refusals.
  • Primary Substance of Misuse
    • 38% Marijuana
    • 41% Alcohol
    • 7% Heroin/Opioids
    • 6% Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
    • 3% Methamphetamine
    • 2% Hallucinogens
    • 2% Amphetamines